You know what ? I think I figured it out!

I’ve been thinking a lot about why we’re so tribal, why we are so obstinate in our opinions. How so many people see the same issue so differently when it’s completely clear to me they are 100% wrong.</sarcasm>

I now believe there are two types of people in this world. There are varying degrees of which this is true for each person, but at it’s root, I believe this is the case.

  1. Me people
  2. We People

I am a ‘We’ person. Every time I read or hear about a news event, a new government policy, a crime – I think about the impact on “US”. US – to me is not the U.S.A. or Democrats or Men or Caucasians or any other subdivision of humanity. I think of humans as a whole. And as I get older US becomes even more encompassing and now includes those yet to be born into this whole mess.

Where did I get this thought process from? I’m not saying I’m right with any sense of authority, However to my core I believe this is the correct way to think. I wasn’t raised in any way that would foster this – BELIEVE ME! but somehow I developed this reactionary process.

I know there are many others who react to the same issues with a “How does this effect ME?” filter. I don’t believe these are bad people. And I’m sure they feel they are entirely justified in their reactions – just as I am. I just don’t understand them.

Maybe I really haven’t figured anything out after all.

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