How fitting is it that our president, who did an exemplary job of avoiding a trip to Vietnam when his nation needed him, finally goes and gets his ass handed to him by a tin pot despot ?

I can’t wait to see how this is spun by the right wing media as a victory. They’re already drooling all over themselves proclaiming that Trump won – by leaving. This is the ‘Art of the Deal’ ? Or does it really not matter because Donny has new butt buddy on the Dictators Dating site ?

Of course Kim didn’t know that Otto Warmbier was being tortured and abused, He lovingly looked into Donny’s eyes and told him so. Why would he lie ? After all, he’s such a good guy. He has no reason to. And our genius president who does everything ‘by his gut’ (must have a lot of knowledge IN THERE) believes him.

The worst part of this is that Trump and the North Koreans have differing stories on why the talks broke down. AND I DON’T KNOW WHETHER TO BELIEVE DONNY OT THE NORTH KOREANS. How sad is it that there is even a question?

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